FAQs: Ceramic Protection, Is It Right For You?

It’s time to address the FAQs of our excellent ceramic paint protection services! If you value your car’s appearance or splashed out on premium paintwork then this part of our services will definitely be of interest to you! Let’s check out some of your most frequently asked questions on ceramic paint protection.

What Is A Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a layer of liquid polymer designed to help protect the paintwork of your car. This protective layer helps to keep your paintwork looking fresh and makes it easier to remove dirt, grime and other nasty things, making it easier to maintain your car’s appearance in between detailing sessions.

Is Ceramic Paint Protection Worth It?

It doesn’t matter how much you pay for wax or other professional quality sealants, nothing gives the same glossy finish as ceramic paint protection! The longevity and overall staying power of ceramic paint protection makes it the most financially sensible choice in the long run despite the initial investment.
Not only that, but the ceramic paint protection will maintain your car’s finish to a much higher standard, meaning the resale value will be much higher than if you opt to go without ceramic paint protection.

Is There a Downside To Ceramic Paint Protection?

As far as downsides go, ceramic paint protection doesn’t really have one! The only annoying factor is that the layer will eventually wear off and need replacing however, once replaced your car will be restored to it’s glossy glory in no time at all.

At Australia’s Detailing Group, we find our ceramic paint protection lasts for a couple of years, and some vehicles only need the service redoing every three years. This makes it the cheaper solution in the long run, with much higher quality results!

Can You Wax Over a Ceramic Coating?

Once your car has been treated with a ceramic coating it is absolutely vital to monitor the products you use in future.

Any 2-in-1 polish or wax formulas can damage the ceramic coating, so it’s best to choose products that enhance the finish of your car with the coating.

If you choose products designed to be used on a ceramic coating then you will further enhance your cars appearance.

What Can Ruin Ceramic Coatings?

The biggest thing to avoid is high-pressure washes and certain products that are not designed to be used on ceramic coatings.

Can You Use a Car Wash With a Ceramic Coating?

It is not ideal to use a car wash with a ceramic coating as it will wear down the coating more quickly than if you stick to hand car washes with less abrasive water pressures or even touch-free washes.

How Do I Know If My Car Has a Ceramic Coating?

If your car is blessed with an extremely glossy finish or you notice water beading on the surface when it rains your car probably has a ceramic coating already. Of course, here at Australias detailing group we can easily help you to tell if your car already has this protective layer or not.

Do I Really Need Ceramic Coating?

If you park your car outside all year round or live near the beach then your car will definitely appreciate a ceramic coating!

Metallic or glittery paintwork also flourishes under a ceramic layer, although the protective coating makes any colour glossier than ever.

Think of the protective ceramic coating as an extra layer preserving your cars aesthetic appeal helping you to acheive a higher price tag if you’re thinking of selling up in the future.

Does Ceramic Coating Devalue a Car?

Absolutely not! If anything, a car with a ceramic coating is more likely to fetch a higher price tag when compared with the same car without a protective coating.

The ceramic coating will make your car look a lot better and add a luxurious benefit as well as showing potential buyers you go the extra mile when it comes to car care. If you care enough to purchase ceramic coating then many buyers will feel more confident in your care car abilities all round.

Overall, ceramic coating is a smart choice if you want to protect your car’s appearance and value in the long term.

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