FAQs: Everything You Should Know About Car Detailing

On the fence about contacting Australia’s Detailing Group for your appointment? Or perhaps you’d like to know which service we offer is the right fit for you? Well, fear not; we’ve put together the ultimate list of FAQs on car detailing so you know exactly what you’re booking in for!

What is Car Detailing?

Car detailing is often incorrectly labelled as a fancy car wash done by hand however it is so much more than that!

At Australia’s Detailing Group we pride ourselves on the ability to restore a vehicles interior and exterior to factory finish while restoring and preserving important things like paint finish and upholstery.
Not only that, but car detailing is the only sure fire way to remove lingering odours, sticky residues and those mystery marks without compromising the finish of your car. No more making do with petrol station air fresheners here!

Is Car Detailing Worth It?

If you want to protect your investment in the long term then yes, car detailing is definitely worth it!
If you frequently travel with pets, sports equipment, muddy outdoor shoes or even just kids you can be unaware of how your car is effected by this everyday use. Regular car detailing a few times a year will make sure the dirty and grime never sneaks up on you!

Not only that but if you’re selling your car then our pre sale service is a sensible choice to maximise the profit from your sale. We can make sure your car feels more like a used car for potential buyers and will make your car their first choice.

How Long Does Car Detailing Last?

Depending on your own maintenance choices between car detailing sessions, the sort of wear and tear your car faces and the type of detailing service you choose, your car could need detailing more or less regularly.
However, on average, car detailing lasts between four and six months. For light driving like a regular commute, a thorough car detailing service will be perfectly adequate!

How Long Does Car Detailing Take?

We recommend setting aside a few hours for a thorough detailing appointment however this car vary depending on which service you choose, the size of your vehicle and the condition your vehicle is in prior to the appointment.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like a more accurate estimate of your appointment length!

Is My Car Too Dirty To Get Detailed?

Before your appointment, it makes our job a lot easier and faster if you clear your car of any personal belongings. We are able to perform to the best of our abilities if your car is completely empty before your detailing appointment.
Of course, items like removable foot mats can remain in the vehicle if you’d like them included in the service!

How Do I Maintain My Car After It Has Been Detailed?

If you only use your car for a short commute to work or park your car in a garage then you might find a monthly wash to be all your need. Of course, if you’re regularly driving though muddy terrain, park outdoors or just drive larger distances then you might need to do a little more in between detailing sessions!
We suggest washing your car as soon as you see any birds muck or dirt on the outside to ensure your paintwork remains pristine. It is also sensible to shake out the floor mats of your vehicle and remove any rubbish after your journey ends to avoid a build up of grime!

What Time of Year Is Best For Car Detailing?

It is sensible to think about the weather conditions in your area and schedule appointments based on that. For example, at the end of Spring you might find your car to be covered in pollen so this can be an ideal time to book your car in for a thorough detailing appointment before the pollen damages the paintwork!

Where Can I Get My Car Detailed?

Here at Australia’s Detailing Group, we are fully mobile! Head over to the Find Us page to locate your nearest car detailing professional, and then click Book Online to schedule your car detailing appointment today!
If you need more information on car detailing or simply some guidance on which service would be the best fit for your needs, then contact us today! Happy driving!

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